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Petra and Darren\’s Wedding

Earlier this year, Petra and Darren celebrated their wedding. What a truly wonderful rainbow bride!


Petra and Darren danced their way into all our hearts with their lovely wedding. 

By kind permission we have posted some pictures of their day as it\’s just the thing to warm us again in this dreich winter.

 \"Petra \"Petra \"Petra\'s

Thank you all over again for happy times shared!

5 thoughts on “Petra and Darren\’s Wedding”

  1. Thank you for these photos. It surely raises the spirits on such a snowy day. May their days always be filled with rainbows.

  2. Looking at these pictures brings back that lovely warm day in summer – one of the few! But the memories keep us warm!! By the way, – love the clever way the creator of this webpage has made it snow!!
    Lilian and Vince

  3. Holy moly folks – thanks! ‘Twas a crackin’ day for us, and really made me feel grateful to be part of such an ace community! Massive thanks again to everyone who helped (and there were soooooo many!) and once again, my goodness at the massive surprise which was those superfluously amazing rainbow wedding cakes pictured – Rachael and Sonsi, you secretive baking wenches, you!

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