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Glass Pet Show A Huge Success!

On the 28th of April this year Glass hall was abuzz with the sound of animals. A very well attended pet show saw 19 dogs, a hamster, a cockerel, a canary and a lamb all entering into the friendly spirit of competition.

The enormous dog class was won by Callum Duff with Mac the handsome black labrador, second was Lorna Murphy with Isla, a border terrier and third place went to Zoe Robson with 5 month old Nel, a pretty blue tricolour collie.

The hamster, gerbil and guinea pig class was won by Kirsten West with the cute year old Little Miss Tiggywinkles.

First place in the any other small pet category was awarded to Connor and Jamie Wilson with their beautiful canary Ernie, second place went to Nicola Wordie with Legs the lamb and third place was awarded to Rocky the Ancona cockeral owned by Lorna Murphy.

Pet most like their owner was won by the very cute Anna West with her hamster Little Miss Tiggywinkles, second place went to Angus Montogmery with a very cool looking Jimmy and third place was awarded to Sarah Wordie with Teal both of whom were perfectly colour co-ordinated.

Best turned out pet was won by Lizzie Montgomery with Wags who had a brief makeover before entering, second was Hillary Wilkinson with Juno the springer spaniel and third place went to Vince Sellare with Dougal the gorgeous german shepherd.

Happiest pet and owner went to Samantha Robson and Sophie the very happy staffordshire bull terrier, second were Lola and Madison Brown with their excitable Jack russell Fidget and third place went to Jenny Cheyne with her lovely terrier Millie.

My Ideal Pet was kindly judged by Lilian Cameron who placed Connor Wilson first with his ideal pet Spotless, second was Kirsten West with her painting of a rainbow fish and third went to Jamie Wilson with Perry the Platypus.

Finally between showers, we all went outside for the dog agility. A hilarious competition watching both the dogs and owners squeezing through tunnels and jumping the hurdles. The fastest time of 31.40 seconds was set by Alice Orme and Rosie – a very professional looking combination, a close second with 32.00 seconds was Mike Tait with Angus and third place with a time of 50.60 seconds went to Emma Cheyne and Bramble. Special mentions go to Harriet Hearns and Hector both of whom showed grit and determination despite Hector taking a toilet break halfway round! Evan Sykes and Belle looked promising until their refusal at the jump. Sarah Wordie who ran on ahead not having realised that she no longer had Teal on the end of the lead! Lewis Murray and Ruffles who were one of the few combinations that completed the seesaw correctly. Also Legs (the lamb with a personality disorder) who completed the course in just over a minute despite not jumping and stopping to eat some grass on the course.

Our VIP guest judges, Karen Ingleby and Hannah Wilson did a fantastic job and seemed somewhat relieved that their veterinary experience was not required at all. Thanks to all who helped and attended and made the day a great success.

You can see some photographs of this fantastic day by clicking here

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