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Glass Leisure Hunt Ready to Go!

The Glass Leisure Hunt is ready to go!!

The Leisure Hunt is wee competition with a series of clues for various objects that can be seen from or are near the roadside.  The clues start at Glass Hall and finish at Auchindoun. The clues are in sequence as you travel.  Each clue has a simple answer, some clues are easy so the youngsters can join in and some you might find are a bit harder!

The winner will be the team or person with an entry form with the highest number of correct answers or guesses.  There will be a tie breaker if required.
Anyone or any team can do the Leisure Hunt at any time, and you can take as long as you like to complete the answers as long as you are ready for Sunday the 24th August.

Please Note: There are no clues on the A920 (Huntly – Dufftown), so there is no need to stop on this road at all.   You should be able to stop on the other roads where it is safe to do so.

You can drive round the route by car, with passengers hunting for the clues, but please do not distract the driver.  Or, if you are fit, you may prefer to cycle or even walk round the route.

The answers to the clues, with a slide show, will be given at Glass Hall after the Duck Race on Sunday the 24th August at approximately 3:45PM

Look our for further information about  the Duck Race soon.

Entry forms for the Leisure Hunt are available from either:

Bob YuillMargo Wordie
AB54 4XRAB54 4XP


Please come along to the Duck Race on 24th August and hand in your form with your completed answers or you can drop off/post your answers to either Bob or Margo beforehand.

Each entry form costs £5.

We hope you will have a go at the Leisure Hunt, and look forward to seeing you at the Duck Race where you can find out the answers.