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Glass Hall Refurbishment plans.

At the beginning of this year at the Glass community association AGM it was decided that the committee should look into some Hall improvements. The main areas of concern were the toilets, the kitchen space and our lack of storage. So all year we have been trying to look at ideas and create discussion around these ideas. We now have  two architectural drawings with some changes to the hall on display; both here on the web  and also in the Hall.

Please click on the relevant plan to view it. You can then click on it again to make it larger in your web browser.

Plan 201 \"GLASS

Plan 202\"GLASS

We really want you to all get involved in these plans for the future of the hall and really do hope you will take some time to look over the plans and give us your feed back and comments. There are some questions to answer but feel free to answer all or only some of the questions. We are trying to make the hall fit for the next 30/50 years and will look at insulation, heating and lighting along with changes to the layout of some of the areas. So all or any comments are really welcome and we would like these by 15th December 2013.  Click on the link below to open the Questionnaire.

Glass Hall Questionnaire

We shall be discussing the Hall plans and all this feed back at the AGM on Monday 20th January 2014. From that we would then hope to take the plans forward to get costing and then we shall need to apply for the funding to make this possible. We hope you will support us in taking the Hall forward for the future.

3 thoughts on “Glass Hall Refurbishment plans.”

  1. Glass Community Association

    For those with an interest in “Glass in the past,” you can read about previous fund raising activities for Glass Hall in our Glass Remembered.. pages in the section “Newsworthy Events from the Huntly Express” here


    17 February 1922
    Concert held at the Central School, Glass on Friday 10 February in aid of funds for the proposed public hall. Rev Mr Guthrie presided. A full attendance. Prices 2/4 – 1/3. A dance followed Gents 1/- Ladies 6 pence. £5.15 was collected.

    December 1927
    The Public Hall of Glass was opened on Friday 16 December 1927 by Mrs Geddes of Blairmore.

    Thanks to Marina Alexander for providing the information.

  2. Comments by Pam Ingleby:
    Plan 202 preferred because:
    1. Kitchen in a better place with better access to outside.
    2. Footprint nicer.
    3. Place marked storage at entrance would be good for coats.
    4. Male toilet with seat needs a door.
    5. To make Meeting Room more spacious could open the area after the stage
    6. A door at bottem of the stairs would stop draughts.
    7. Could the stairs face the other way?
    8. Would so many basins be needed in the Ladies toilet?
    Plan 201
    1. This plan is more messy and arkward than Plan 202.
    2. Kitchen would need a door with access to outside. This could be in place of
    sink position if store room there was halved and it moved along.
    3. Three doors to outside would be less good than Plan 201 as more cause of
    4. Kitchen noise would be more disturbing to what was going on in the hall.
    5. Stage side steps would need to be retractable.

  3. Mike Taitt’s comments

    The size of the hall is adequate for present and likely future needs.
    The stage is OK as it is.
    The Green Room should be called the Meeting Room.
    Clad the outside for insulation and also to improve the appearance of the present rather ugly appearance of the hall by painting or harling it, even if only doing the front. Wood cladding would be nice but expensive.

    Plan 202 preferred because:
    1. The kitchen arrangement is better with a good outside entrance nearby.
    2. The plan gives enough lighting for the kitchen and storage.
    3. It is a tidier more symmetrical plan.
    4. Storage is concentrated in one main place.
    5. Consider a second pair of roof lights for the main storage area.
    6. Should we have more roof lights over the main part of the hall as in Plan

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