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Glass Film Project! Open Sessions

Through the Looking Glass: Film Project

Hi folks,
Summer seems to have finally arrived, so hope you are all making the best of the gorgeous weather. While sitting in sun loungers (I wish!!) or mowing grass or weeding (probably!), drinking Pimms (Yes please!) or whatever you are enjoying, we hope you are thinking about your films for the Glass Film Project! It will probably be good news for you that we have extended the deadline for this to late October, as it has become clear that everyone, including the artistic and technical teams, all need more time to progress the project.
We know that there are lots and lots of great ideas buzzing around, but we also know that many of you will feel that you need a bit of extra help to get going.

We are running 2 informal drop-in sessions, where Petra and Darren will spend time with you to discuss your projects and make practical suggestions for going forward. Rob Yuill and David Foubister will be on hand to talk about any technical issues. You will be able to:
 book some filming time with the video cameras
 have a shot at using them and some basic editing software
 create your storyboards/mood boards
 or just talk to us, and each other, about your ideas and any issues which may be holding you back
The 2 sessions, both in Glass Hall, are:
Monday 28th July: from 7 o’clock until about 9-ish
Sunday 3rd August: from 2 o’clock until about 5.
Please come at whatever time suits you – to either, or both, of the sessions. There’ll be a cuppie, of course! Newcomers welcome – it doesn’t matter if you missed the earlier workshops, we can bring you up to speed.
After these sessions, Petra, Darren, Rob and David will be available for advice and help as and when you need them.

We are aiming to have all films finished and ready by the third week in October, for compilation into the final show reel, giving Petra and Darren four weeks to put the project to bed and plan the project\’s closing event:
Glass Film Festival – celebratory screening of all films (think Cannes without the palm trees!),Saturday 29th November, from 7pm – in Glass Hall
Looking forward to seeing you at the drop-in sessions, and to hearing more about your thoughts and ideas! Please spread the word to any adults or children whom you think may also be interested in making a wee film.

The Through the Looking Glass team – Petra, Darren, Rob, David, Frances and Lilian